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Sitka Tribal Tours shares a living thread from the past to the present.  The events of the last two and a half centuries have shaped the current, but this is part of a much larger story.  Tlingit Indians have lived continuously in Sitka since the end of the last ice age– an unbroken course of civilization that stretches the very definition of history.  Through the eyes of the Tlingit people, Sitka’s history is a steady drumbeat, a rhythm, a song ten thousand years old.  History is not only about what happened long ago, but also about the present living culture.  We cordially invite you to experience all the exciting attractions and adventures Sitka by the Sea has to offer!

Cultural Tours:

Go Wild in Sitka: (Premier Bus Tour) 

3.5 HR Per Person $90.00   5 minimum participants        Highlighting Sitka’s finest attractions including the Alaska Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear and Sitka Sound Science Center.  Experience wild nature up close and personal!    


Raptor and Rainforest: (Easy Walk)

3 HR Per Person $85.00    5 minimum participants        Experience Sitka’s premier Alaska Raptor Center.  Stroll through the famous Sitka National Historical Park where the Tlingit people battled the Russians and view totem poles and traditional arts in the Cultural Center.

Customized Tour: (Driving, Walk or Hike)

Per Person Price Varies     5 minimum participants         Enjoy a customized private tour and experience Sitka’s many attractions and unforgettable scenery.  We can tailor to your interests and find the perfect custom experience!


Sheet’Ká Kwáan Naa KahÍdi Community House Tlingit Storytelling:                         

45 MIN Per Person $35.00     10 minimum participants      Come share the experience of listening to one of our Traditional Tlingit story tellers share the story of Yéil Tlaagú (Raven Origin Stories).

For reservations please email: [email protected]  / call : (907) 747-7290

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